Jan 31, 2017

Best Zombie Flash Games For 2016

Well! When the topic of video games is discussed the one type of games that we must mention is the zombie games. The name zombie itself is so exciting and almost like all its movies, zombie games are getting more and more popular with stunning graphics. It is all about killing all those zombies that are popularly known as the walking dead. Can you imagine how would be your life when you face these flesh eating zombies that can turn every human being into a new zombie if beaten? In these games the zombies keep on coming making it unstoppable and you need to stop it by shooting them on their head. There are several zombie games that are available in the market now and they are very much popular among the people. There are also many companies that are producing these exciting games every year.

2016 has been a year that has seen growth of many legendary games taking the gaming industry to a whole new level and hence in this content we will try to figure out some of the finest zombie games that made it to the top list this year. Here are the top 5 zombie games of the year 2016.

  • Undead zombies
  • Zombie shootout
  • Box head 2
  • Dead Zed
  • Autumn War

A Zombie game is that game that is extensible to another popular game. These games are available to play once you are done with the requirements. Here are some of the examples: Zombie shootout game got the name from zombie movies. It is a Zombie game and the game has got some firing shots to destroy the Zombies. Box head 2 game is seriously ridiculous, but it is a real fun as many Zombie fire with a shotgun and they are killed. But no one should practice this in real life. This game is one of the most hardcore games of 2015 and there are some punishing difficult levels. Google is the main developer of the Google play games and they are popular all over the world. The latest applications created and developed helps in the creation of the games which are easy to purchase and download in the Android devices with the help of Google store. With the demand of online games there are so many companies that are working day and night to produce games that can attract players from all round the globe. Zombie games are very popular among the gamers and there are many people who are playing these games all over the globe. The reason of its popularity is that these games are fast and exciting. These games are also an extension of another game that you must play. The combination of Android market and the Google is the Google play. The operating system involved here is generally the Android. It is a platform of digital distribution and it has got numerous applications which are of superb quality.

Nov 19, 2016

Ninja Go Games – Perfect For Action Gamers

There are too many games which are famous for the way they are created. The ninja go games are simply these kinds of game which are truly exciting for most of the game lovers. The ninja game series has so many games which are different in many aspects from each other.

Also this kind of game can make the players feel addicted to it and then the players would enjoy it even after they had lost several times. Some of the most adorable features of this game are stated over here:

The graphics

The ninja go games are quite famous for the way there graphics had been created and the wonderful characters are put at all levels and the stages of such game.

The theme

The most basic and essential theme in the ninja go games is that the evil has to be defeated by the players which are acting as ninja’s in the game. The player has to defeat the evil curse which is trying its best by all means to overtake the world.

The characters

The ninja go games have so many kinds of characters that you could easily pick any one. The color, the features and the specialties of the ninja’s are different and you could pick that one which you would love to enjoy in the game.   There are other kinds of characters in such ninja go games as well and most of them are there as the supporting characters which are essential in making the game more amazing.

The action

The ninja go games are well loved due to the high level of action packed levels which are designed in these games. The ninja would have the ability to jump, climb, stretch, and spin during the game levels.  The fight between the player’s ninja and the other side is highly thrilling. The sword fighting of ninja is worth watching as the graphics make it feel realistic.

The levels

The players can enjoy nonstop as the ninja go games have lots of levels for the players that like the challenges. The people would not feel the boredom while they play any of the games from the ninja go games series.

The weapons that the players use for their ninja are very strong and powerful. The players can have the choice in selection of the ninja, his weapons and the other things too. All of the games that are part of such game series are very amazing and are going to excite all game lovers that love to have the action packed games.

The weapons that are taken by your ninja could help in earning so many points. The wonderful feature of the special power can be used by your ninja as that could help in avoid the death attacks over your ninja.

There are too many selected games under the series of the ninja go games. The ninja that you select is going to help in conquering all of the evil forces.

The best games under the ninja go games are the ninja rush, ninja day, Viper smash, legendary ninja battles, sky bound.

Reference: NinjaGoGames

Sep 24, 2016

Have a Complete Fun and Fun Time Playing My Friend Pedro Arena

Being a popular flash game for PC, ‘my friend pedro arena’ has managed to acquire quite a bit of prevalence and has attracted quite some people to its side. This is probably the reason, that the producers, Dead Toast, has decided to bring the game to another level and launched My Friend Pedro Arena. The main format of the game remains same. But, some new features have been included to the extension.

Gameplay method

While the game’s name makes it appear like one of those childish and simple games, the truth is pretty different. It relates to the fighting category and could become rather bloody at certain times. In the first version of the game, My Fried Pedro, players start on an adventure with Pedro, an imaginary friend. The adventure is based on fighting against gangsters and just blowing them apart. While playing the game, players are needed to do whatever that Pedro says. This game, My Friend Pedro Arena game, has the same concept yet and follows the similar idea where players are supposed to overcome gangsters. The only variation in this game is that the feature of arena is included to the game. In the game, players will be found making use of reflexes, acrobatics and shooting to make sure your survival, while you determine to win over your opponents. There are 6 levels in the game and the intention is obtain the high scores.

Due to the addition of arena mode to this version, it will put the players’ survival at great risk for multiple times. It would be quite a challenge surviving in the game for longer time. During the game play, players will be facing a hoard of threats. Your task would be to remove these threats while assuring no harm hurts you. A rail gun is included in the game to improve the goriness which you would face while playing the game.

Highlights of the game

If there is one notable thing that you want to learn about the game, it is because of the fact that you cannot stay away from bloodshed and violence. At certain times, it would even get a bit gory. Hence, when you are not the one who can deal with such extremities even during the course of play, it is a game that you must stay away from.

While the essential moves of the games will be described as you play it, when you need some preparation before you play, the basics will be spelt out for you. This will make sure that prior to making the plunge, you will know about that you sign up for and can train your finger movements accordingly. It is significant because if you look to attain the highest scores, it is only possible when you move fast.

The keyboard letters A, D, S, W or the arrow keys will enable you to jump, roll and walk during the game. If you want to reduce the time, the space or shift keys will work out for you.

Sep 22, 2016

Finest parkour games in the apple store

Are you looking for the finest parkour games in the business? Well! You are in the right place. Parkour games are very successful games in the business and there are many players who are looking for the latest and exciting parkour games. In this content we will find out the top parkour games in the business. Here are the top 5 parkour games:

Some of these games are better in Google play and some are better in iTunes. There are maximum users only because Google players have the option of playing music, play books, play movies, play games, way variety of applications and can be implemented in all the Android based devices. Google comes in the top of 5 companies currently and them leaves no stone unturned to work in their possible ways.  Android market is globally popular and some of the popular games here are. Six Guns is generally a third person shooter adventure game. The shooter needs to escape to Arizona and have to spread the news that he is dead. Words with Friends Free are a popular game where we can share with friends and can play it. This game is very popular since few years and the adults really spend their quality time here.

Apple Inc is the founder of the media player iTunes and with the help of iTunes store applications many activities such as videos, movies, other country information, games, apps can be downloaded in the smart phones such as iPhones and in some of the touch phones. Some of the games which can be downloaded are free and some are paid. But the paid games are not so costly and anyone having facilities of smart phones and touch phones can purchase it easily. The games are of high quality and the game services are different in these devices.   Some of the free games are cut the rope HD lite, Air Hockey Gold, Harbor Master HD, Tap radiation, My horse and few more. Some of the paid games are Plants vs. Zombies HD, Real Racing 2 HD, Pinball HD, Zen bound 2 universal. These are some of the specific games available. ITunes is the backbone of many applications available in the iPhones and which act as the media player and storing iTunes in these devices helps in downloading and uploading many activities which was beyond imagination almost 15 years back. Children less than 10 years and even fewer adults are interested in the games which are available in these devices. Apps such as Facebook, Skype can easily be downloaded and it requires less amount of time.  This is simple and easy to understand. We just need to owe majority of the letters before the game gets over. We have to arrange the letters to give a specific and meaningful word.


May 19, 2016

Unique And Attractive Specifications Of Tentacle Wars

tentacle-warsTentacle wars game is one of the most exciting and outstanding online games that helps you to spend your free time in an excellent manner. The stunning game comes with lots of new features and unique gameplay. For this reason, most of the online players like to play this exclusive game immediately. In order to satisfy their requirements, the internet game portal comes with a wide array of awesome online games. The great games collection helps you to pick your favorite game without any confusion. Along with this, it also brings you the entire information regarding the new game and its superior game play. These significant guidelines surely aid you to play and win the game easily. The game is truly similar to biological welfare, so you can play it without any difficulties.

Obtain More Enjoyment

In this exclusive game, you can use your individual tentacles in order to attack your enemies in a quick manner. You need to be persistent and aggressive while playing the tentacle wars. The additional efforts help you to win this new game easily and obtain more fun. The exclusive game process offers you unlimited power, so you can utilize it properly. The efficient game resources help you to complete the clever strategy in a quick basis. The online game is an ideal choice to prove your own potential effectiveness. You can stops the invasion as well as make yourself an awesome hero. If you like to obtain these excellent benefits, you can visit the best and reliable online website. The best one allows you to play this outstanding game for free.

Play the game bellow:

Mar 2, 2016

Choose The Exciting Exiting Escaping The Prison To Get More Enjoyment

If you want to plan an awesome adventure game online, you can choose the most reliable and leading internet game portal. The specially developed game site truly includes a stunning range of adventure games. These multiple choices help you to pick your most favorite or highly preferred online game without any confusion. The effective platform not only offers online games, but also allows you to play it for free. While speaking about Escaping The Prison, it is an amazing online adventure game that includes a stick, escape and other tags. There are many online players want to play this adventure game again and again, because of its unique features and inspiring gameplay. There are many adventure games available in this advanced internet world, but this unique game has some special features to increase your enjoyment and fun level. To play the game, you need to properly learn the important instructions and features. These are the useful details which helps you to play it in an excellent manner. Along with this, you can also know about the game control online.


Important Instructions

It is the right time for more fun. You are about to effectively control all the actions of featured stickman role in this game process who is truly in the protected prison or cell. His main aim is to quickly escape the cell or prison. Utilize your points as well as click suitable skills in order to play this outstanding adventure game. You can also click on different options and times that will properly unlock the desired animations as well as go advance in this story. The fun and pleasure based stickman game really features three different ways in order to escape the cell. There are many obstacles available in this Escaping The Prison that will always try to stop you. You can use your mouse in order to control this game play properly. In short, this game is a select your individual escape game process that sentences you to fifty years to fail. The preferred scheming stickman should break out of the large house successfully any way he can, truly from the rocking rocket launchers to running scared.

Awesome Game Features

You can get a surprise birthday cake to the jail cell, and select what the suitable surprise will be as well as escape prison. There are 3 different victorious or successful endings available in this excellent adventure game process, so you can effectively escape the Sneaky Way, Badass way or Lame way. In other words, the new bank heist of Henry ended badly as well as currently he is in jail or prison. Surprisingly, he got some essential reinforcements in the type of a cake-package. You can help him properly in order to make the right options and escape from the jail or prison. If you wish to get more fun and enjoyment, you can select the wrong choices and laugh at your final results. In this excellent game, you can find out all eighteen unique fails. By using 3 different endings, you can easily escape quietly.

Feb 10, 2016

Wonderful Facts About The Bowling King


Bowling king is a highly sophisticated and exclusive online game which allows you to play it without investing any amount. The best online website not only offers the exciting games, but also guides you to win it easily. The bowling king game is well known for its unique game features and endless fun. If you wish to play this excellent game, you can learn all features properly. The finest gaming skills help you to get success easily. The world’s greatest and popular 1-on-1 multiplayer bowling game allows you to bowl against the players globally.  If you want to become a bowling king, you can carefully read the important game features.  The stunning game includes intuitive swipe and tap control options, so you can use it in a proper manner.

Different Modes

The striking game not only includes some unique features, but allows you to enjoy some additional option like the fantastic bowling alleys globally. The game series includes totally more than 60 bowling balls, 27 lanes and pins. From numerous choices, you can pick the perfect one as per your individual preferences. The bowling king game includes different modes such as mini games, challenge mode and 1-on-1 mode. While speaking about 1-on-1 mode, it is a speedy and real time 1-on-1 multiplayer match. The challenge mode includes several stages, so you can clear it one by one and obtain rewards for entirely free. The online game brings you an excellent opportunity to play this game with your relatives or friends anytime.

The game is based on unity and it cant be embed on this website please follow the link above to play the game and make sure you use firefox web browser!


Jan 11, 2016

Infiltrating the airship – save your neck in this enthralling game

Created by PuffballsUnited, infiltrating the airship belongs to the famous Stickmin series and comes as a successor to the Stealing the Diamonds game. Being a game of the Stickmin series, the main protagonist of this game is Henry Stickmin and you have to help out Henry if you want him to remain free and out of the prison.

infiltrating the airship



The main plot of the story is that Henry has been captured by the government guys and they are going to put him behind the bars if he cannot help them with an assignment and so it comes upon you to fulfill the assignment and help Henry go free once again.

The story of infiltrating the airship starts with Henry and his computer and the agents gradually gathering in front of Henry’s house and you will easily understand that their solo motive of being here is to capture Henry.

In the next scene, you will find Henry waking up beside the government soldiers and agents in a helicopter and they want him to find evidence and proofs regarding the wrongdoings of the Toppat clan so as to be able to capture their leaders. The agents will use Henry to find valuable information and if Henry fails to provide them with the same, he may face a term in prison because the government has all the knowledge regarding his misdemeanors and if succeeds at the task that has been handed to him, the government may just excuse him of the crimes and let him go.

As Henry agrees to carry out the mission, the craft pilot progress towards the airship of the enemy and he is offered 4 choices of entry into the airship and depending on the choice, he will be granted an entry for infiltrating the airship. The four entry points are as follows:

  • Earpiece – when you choose to enter this region as Henry, the pilot, Charles will assist you to find the evidence
  • Cannon Ball – if you enter via this entrance, you can directly target the ring leader
  • Sticky Hand – you lose your street credibility here
  • Grapple Gun – once you enter via this entrance, you will be overcome by greed and start planning to steal a ruby

Features of the game

Infiltrating the airship comes with the following features that make the game more enjoyable for the players:

  • There are 60 completely different ways of failure
  • 4 choices of an entrance into the airship
  • More achievement options than its successor, Stealing the Diamonds
  • Runs on Adobe Air

Characters of the game

The main characters of infiltrating the airship are as follows:

  • The ring leader of the Toppat clan
  • Charles, the pilot
  • Henry Stickmin

The antagonists in this game are:

  • Evan
  • Dave
  • Wilson
  • Captain G

The side characters are:

  • Ted McAdams
  • Right Hand Man

Medals that can be won

When you play infiltrating the airship, you stand a chance to win several medals when you complete your tasks and missions and inch forward towards your goal. These medals are as follows:

  • Rank GAPI
  • Rank RPE
  • Master of Fails
  • Rank PBT
  • Rank RBH
  • Failpocalypse
  • Biggoron’s sword
  • Kredit 2 Team
  • Music Enthusiast
  • Bound to Earth
  • The Last Fantasy
  • Famous Movie Line
  • Buttery Snack
  • Barnyard Blitz
  • Gold
  • LOLOLOL!!!!11
  • You win..!

 Why should you play the game?

Infiltrating the airship is really funny and interesting game that will take you through a number of real life situations and reveal to you that how, even in the most tense of the situations, one can get engaged in something and totally lose track of time and forget the real  purpose of being at a place. The same happens to the protagonist, several times and as he neglects the task at hand, he gets caught and thus the game ends. This is very much similar to the real situations when you procrastinate the task at hand and have to pay dearly for it.

It also offers you multiple entrance points and choosing the right one will ensure that you will be able to collect information very fast and if you choose the wrong one, you won’t be able to reach your goal, thereby leading to your failure.

Not only that, the use of your skills in playing infiltrating the airship is important as well as without skills, you will not be able to survive for long in the enemy ship and if you are spotted at the wrong place, you know what will happen! You will be captured by the Toppat clan and punished by them and if you do not gather the info about the clan, the government will have your neck!

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Dec 31, 2015

Puppet soccer 2014 – for the soccer lovers

Who does not love the game of football? Everyone loves to watch football and every single person, for once in their lives, has played football for sure. If you are one of those who dreams of not only watching football, but also enjoying the game a bit more intensely like playing himself, then Puppet soccer is the best thing you can try. A game of football brought to you by NoxGames, customized for your full entertainment and high class experience of playing football online. The feel of the game is made brilliant with the best possible atmosphere created by the game developers.

puppet soccer

What is it?

The game Puppet soccer 2014, as we know, is a football game developed to thrill the players with the World Cup atmosphere. Choose your team out of the top draw of 32 teams and start your venture towards the big prize, the World Cup. Score goals using your skills and learn to save goals that your opponents might try to score and you will win. Simple cartoon characters to control your favorite team and leading them towards the big prize. Once you start playing the game, you won’t be able to let it go. The graphics designed by the developers are of the highest quality and look brilliant while playing, giving you the feel of playing in a real football ground atmosphere. Enjoy the game anytime, anywhere online.


The features available with Puppet soccer 2014 are awesome and really enjoying. The players can not only play games that are intense, but also will be entertained to the fullest. The features that attract most of the players are:

  • 32 countries from the World Cup 2014 qualified teams list
  • You can choose any of the 90 cartoons that are available.
  • Bonus power ups while in the game. Try to utilize them to the fullest: spring, super power, speed, small and large ball, money, gypsum, ice, slime and chewing gum
  • Use upgrades like jump, speed and kick to the full effect.
  • Multiplayer option using split screen, in order to play multiplayer match on the same screen.
  • Backdrop of World Cup 2014, Brazil.

New features

  • All new attractive graphic design
  • Special footballer with special powers
  • You get a nimbus broom of Quidditch
  • Newly designed balls from gypsum, EA, ice shield and bubble

Why should you play?

If you are a football lover, then you surely have the dream of playing for a real time at least once in your life. This game gives you full opportunity to show your skills to the world. You need to work hard to score and sharpen your defensive skills as well. You can use various powerups and practice a lot to sharpen your skills and once you are ready to compete, go out in the field and make history. The Puppet soccer 2014 will give you a platform to prove not only your skills but also your mental ability at the pressure situations when you are a goal down and the clock is ticking towards the final whistle. So do not waste your time any more, get your gears and start playing today.

Nov 14, 2015

Superfighters 2 – do not rest until you kill your enemies

Warrior! Hero! These are the words that we strive to be in our life. We all love to win our battles against our enemies. And if you are one of those, then superfighters 2 might prove to be the best game that you can choose to show your combat skills in the virtual world. Knock off your opponents and win the war and become the warrior that you dreamt of being. This is a combat game where teams face each other in a war and try to kill each other in order to win over. This game does have a violent touch to it, as the game is full of bloodshed and of course you need to kill your enemies if you want to live and progress. So, only if you have the knack of playing such games, then you will enjoy superfighters 2 for sure. Otherwise it can be a bit odd with the killings and the bloody environment that the game has to offer.

superfighters 2

About the game

The game revolves around men who are very good with their weapon and are experts at shooting, stabbing, burning, mashing and smashing their opponents. They eliminate each other without showing any kind of mercy. This is the sole plot of the game. But then what makes this game so attractive? Well, the combat is not really the sole attraction in this game. The most important part is the randomness of the game. YES! The game is totally random. The maps are random, the weapons you are spawned with are random and the most surprising factor is the power of the weapons: they are also random. So you cannot rely on a certain weapon to win your games. You need to be absolutely ready to face any situation.

This randomness of the game always keeps you on your toes. You can lose your winning streak to a comparatively weak opponent because of the weapon and the very next game can be so easy that you cannot stop playing once again. So this is a win-win situation for all the players. Anyone can win in the blink of an eye. Here no strategy would work. So you need to sharpen your combat skills and be ready to face your enemy that may have the best of the weapons. And also you need to learn the techniques to counter the offensive moves of your opponents.

Superfighters 2 offers the best possible combat situation with a touch of surprise with the randomization. And you will surely enjoy every bit of the combat that you face every time you start playing the game. So do not get frustrated if you lose your games at the beginning cause any time, any day you will start winning and there will be no stopping of your winning streak if you can handle the toughest of the situations.


  • You can play alone or multiplayer
  • You can play superfighters 2 against your friend or computer
  • Choose the weapons carefully from the list of 13 weapons.
  • Use powerups to boost you game.

Check out the official website here.